Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope

Super Powers

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Growing up some of us wanted to know if we had super powers like flying or walking through walls.  Well I couldn’t fly – that is without a plane  or walk through walls – still trying that one (LOL) but I have discovered a super power that have developed from hydrocephalus.

This is not a super power, but can be part of the fashion sense of a hydrocephalus hero. For years, I have been sensitive to light where I generally wear sunglasses all the time.  No I am not trying to be the cool gal, but my eyes hurt during winter, cloudy days, foggy days and of course sunny days. The only sun glasses are that let in little light are the cycling style glasses which is great as I am usually an avid cyclist.

So my super power, a side effect of hydrocephalus, is having intensified hearing.  I am sensitive to sounds.  This has been going on years, where I  usually end up complaining that the TV, movie or radio is too loud.  Where I feel comfortable watching is where no one else can hear in my household, thus making me a crappy TV or movie partner.  The only movie theatre that I can enjoy in Medicine Hat is the Monarch Theatre where the sounds are not over the top.

However in the last nine months my hearing has gone into overdrive and although I mostly think it is  really cool, it can be overwhelming too.  There is noise around us all the time.  We generally just ignore the background noise and tune it out. However, background noise is no longer background to me.  It is like a kaleidoscope of cars, trains, people, birds, dogs, wind all swirling about.  It makes it hard to concentrate or sleep at night.

On most days I can deal with it, but on days when the pressure in my head is high, sounds like the zipper banging against the backpack you are carrying or the wheels of the trains down the hill, kids screaming or any renovation tool are beyond annoying and become painful.  I usually just pop some Advil or Tylenol to help alleviate pain. This past weekend, we escaped the renovation tool sounds, city sounds and television sounds went camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

It was nice, I relaxed and slept.  I even took pictures and enjoyed listening to the wind through leaves of poplar trees and prairie grasses.  Overall I am glad my hearing is intensified rather than losing it and missing out on all the sounds that surround our life.


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