Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope



I think we lose how to rest and relax as adults.  Well at least I know that I have or maybe I just never learned how to turn everything off and relax.  I am used to doing many things at once and being very active.  I have never been one to really sleep in, even after a night out.  I don’t think that I am a 100% type A or 100% type B personality, but somewhere in between.  I just like keeping busy, trying new things and being active.

So today instead of feeling bad or how much of a slacker, or how out of shape I am getting when I am tired,  I made the decision to learn how to relax. I will be doing what I do best and researching the net for ideas.  Well the first site I went was a test on type A and type B personalities and was crap.  73 questions.  I think I did ten and decided the test results would be somewhere in the middle.  So the next site I looked at  to “How to Relax in 24 steps”  was interesting.  I’ll have to re-read to absorb more, but I know that I already practice some of the tips like avoiding toxic people.  Let the relaxation journey begin.  Now bring me a drink and a cabana boy!


2 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. Relaxing doesn’t come naturally to many of us. Most often it doesn’t happen till we encounter health issues that force us into relaxation, and with that we finally learn! Unfortunately or fortunately we continue to push ourselves, which is great to achieve maximum recovery but bad in the respect that when we can’t relax it interfers with our body recovering spontaneously.

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