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No Zombies Allowed

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I have two little boys.  W is six years old and D is four years old. Both have been fascinated by zombies since the zombie killer app for the tablet and being introduced to the Plants versus Zombies game at the library.  The boys recently got the Plants versus Zombies game for their DS systems.  The boys love that the zombies in the game say “Brains….brains….braiiiiiins!” The boys love to run around pretending to be zombies and shouting out “Brains…mmmm….Brains” especially now since they found two different zombie costumes at the store.

Yesterday, we had to run down to the library to return some DVDs before heading to Calgary.  As I was getting the boys in the car, they kept asking when we were picking up Nana & Papa.  I explained that we were heading the Strathmore tonight and pick up Nana & Papa the next day at the airport.  I then said that “Nana & Papa were coming to help out when Mommy has her brain surgery on Tuesday.”  We have been very open about my surgery, but both boys never asked any questions or said anything because they have been too excited to see their grandparents.  So out of the blue, W asks “Why am I having brains removed? Because if you have brains removed you will become a zombie.”  D then pipes up “If you become a zombie you will be kicked out of the house!”

I laughed and said that “I am not having any brains removed so I will not be a zombie.”  Both boys says “If you become a zombie; you will not allowed to come back. No zombies allowed!” So I guess I have been given my orders that on Tuesday, I am not to become a zombie!


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