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The Day After

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Lines on my forehead

Well like anything, I had the highs of seeing immediate improvement to the lows of pain and throwing up at 10:30pm yesterday.  Between 3:00-9:00 everyone was impressed with my improvement, then I began to run a fever, the brain swelling kicked in and Bammm! I was not doing well…I lying in bed wtih a ton of blankets, teeth chattering, sweat beading of my forehead, kinda delirious because of the head pain.  I was not scheduled for Tylenol for another three hours but they give me the option of Oxycontin or morphine.  I know I do not do well with any type of pain-killer other than regular Tylenol.  They give me a pill and sure enough, the puking starts…great I am throwing up beef barely soup (which I will never eat again) and the action of throwing up is making my head hurt immensely. I am given an IV of gravel to help ease my crazy stomach. It takes until 2:00pm September 5, 2012 for me to feel better. I get a to use a face cloth to wash off the iodine and blood off my forehead only to discover that there are lines drawn on my scalp marking the location of the entry point.  I feel like I have a highway up there.  Maybe that is why there is pain.

I want to leave because this place is claustrophobic in a sad sense.  There is a lady who is in her late 30’s who had a bad stroke, a guy in his 30’s who got sick and his brain got infected and many others in states of disrepair. There is a lady who went for brain tumor removal to find out that it a death sentence where she only has a few months to live. Then there is me.  I am a little uncomfortable – headaches, tenderness are to be expected. I run a fever on and off so really I am in good shape and things in life could be way worse.   I have been tested by the Occupational Therapist and brain injury relearning is being set up in Medicine Hat and in Calgary.  My physiotherapy assessment rocked so I am good to go and do things when the Doctor says it is okay.  I am told six – eight weeks of walking as my  “heavy” activity.  Action plans are being drawn up for me when I am released.  I am good hands.

I was to have an MRI today but who knows when, It is now 7:30pm and I haven’t been called down.  Last night they took blood at 2:00am and the residents did rounds at 6:00am so I may get a midnight call for an MRI.  The positive news is that I have been moved from the acute side to the Almost good to go side!  I am now in a room with my own washroom, television and the best view in Calgary. Even my nurse (Michael) says it is the best view.  He thinks that is should actually be a view for a nice restaurant instead of a hospital room.  I can see the Bow River, Calgary city Centre, McMann Stadium.  I am lucky.  Tomorrow should be sunny so I can  hopefully get a better picture.  I already can tell sleep will be better tonight, my head is not so tender or sore.  so here is for a great night’s rest and a release for sometime tomorrow!


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