Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope

Checked Out


My status was upgraded and I was moved late yesterday afternoon.  I now have internet and television.  I have a roomie, who I nicknamed Full Frontal, is an older man who has had a brain tumour removed.  He doesn’t speak English very well and apparently doesn’t like to wear underwear.  He was lying on the bed with his legs up.  I walk by him to go for my hourly stroll and turn to say hi but instead is given a show.  Yikes is all I can say.  I mean, really, he has nothing to lose with how he acts. I think he is having confusion issues etc….

Last night I had the best sleep but with some weird drop off sensations – CSF and brain adaption, as well as mild fever.  The nurses still came in to do vitals and give me Tylenol throughout the night.

I saw the resident at 7:30am and she told me that she saw my CSF scan and that everything was flowing well so I was good to go this morning.  I said that didn’t have a scan yesterday.  I asked if they were reading my Friday scan? I am now starting to worry if I had really needed an ETV operation.  She says to me “I read the results from your September 5 scan.” I then said again that “I did not have a September 5 scan. Did you get the information mixed up?”  I was beginning to wonder if this was a test in my lucidity or memory skills.   The resident comes back and says that no they didn’t do a scan on me but placed the date requested in the wrong column.

So I was told that if my MRI was good, I would be allowed to leave.  I had the nurse confirm if my MRI form was in and it was so it was just a waiting game.  I get the staples from my dressing removed so I can have a shower and find out I have six staples.  Thank God for having plenty of curly hair.  You can only see the staples if sunlight glints off of them.

Full frontal’s wife comes in to help get him ready to go have radiation therapy.  Once they leave, an aid comes out packs everything up saying that he has been discharged.  I told her that “they had just gone to get radiation done.” The nurses say they need to prepare the room for an “emergency” coming in.  The room gets cleaned and another older gentleman comes in with his wife.  They were talking to each other for a bit.  When I get up, I introduce myself and Chris.  They are super friendly and talkative – finally people that want to chat!  The reason is that they are so relaxed have been here before in 2009 for a tumour removal.  The man yesterday started to feel confused and got brought to hospital by ambulance.  They are waiting to find out if he had a stroke or if his tumour is starting to grow back again.

Chris has been here since lunchtime.  We watch a movie called “Connie and Carla” and do tons of laughing.  I have done lots of laughter through this and I will continue laughing as laughter makes you stronger.  I watch the Stars helicopter come in below me.  Full Frontal comes back and uses the bathroom.  I get up and see that he is doing is his physical assessment.  Next thing we know he is set up in another room – yes confusion/cognitive/mobility issues.

At about 5:00pm I get a call that a porter will be coming for to take me down for an MRI. I am wheeled to the nursing station.  The Hydro nurse practitioner dictates my discharge papers so all I need when I comeback is to have my IV taken out, and signed unit nurse.

We wait and wait and wait.  Finally a porter comes and takes me down to MRI clinic.  We go to the basement and get wheeled by the morgue.  It is freaky down there where you feel you  are either going to a pool or playing a part in a horror flick.  I have my MRI and get wheeled back up.  I am finally checked out!  Well checked out in an acute neuro ward may not be the most appropriate statement to say.  No wonder they use the term discharged instead.  Discharge to me is an oozing wound or leaving a mental institute.  I think checking out as leaving a hotel. 7:30pm I am at the desk and what do I see is full frontal wandering out of his room confused with gown wide open, but this time he is wearing underpants!  We get to the campground at 8:00pm, after getting a salad and spinach pie at Safeway.  I am happy to be checked out but am exhausted.



2 thoughts on “Checked Out

  1. Ha! You made me laugh. They really like messing with your head in there, eh? 🙂
    Anyway, glad you are checked out / discharged or out of the hospital. Heal fast now!

  2. Glad all seems well. See you ’round The Hat sometime soon.

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