Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope

I may be blind but I can see

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I am blind without my glasses or contacts.  The world 10cm away from my face becomes an abstract painting with no real definition or lines where everything around me ebbs & flows.  Back in January, my right eye would get blurry, with dark spots and my contact didn’t want to go in so I went to the eye doctor.  She said everything was all right, even though I was in pain for two days after having drops put in my eyes. I just put up with it and thought I had a bad batch of contacts so I ordered more.  I tried the new batch out and still problems with the right eyes.  I was wondering if I would ever be able to wear contacts again.  I continued to wear them but for short periods of time up until my surgery. It is not like I hate to wear my glasses; I love the colour, but I am always misjudging bumping them and they suck when I am doing sports.  I settled in and became friends with my glasses this year.

When I put in my contacts for the first time after surgery I noticed immediate improvement.  The contacts went in without a problem, the right contact fit just right.  There was no fuzziness or blurriness or dark spots.  Everything felt sharp and effortless to see – I wasn’t squinting; trying to get my eyes to focus; seeing black dots; or seeing weird movement in my peripheral vision.  This was an awesome day for me – being able to see clearly again.  Each day I see improvement is a good day for me!


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