Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope

Two steps forward; One step back

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Being a somewhat impatient person but hopeful and positive person, I was aiming for one of those recoveries without any issues; a straight line recovery without any steps or plateaus.  Last night I started to feel just off; my leg and vision felt weird.  Maybe, I had just pushed myself too hard.  Crap a lady in a walker beat me walking so I know I am not walking fast. Maybe I didn’t rest enough.  It feels like all I do is sleep and rest.  I had a cruddy sleep, very restless; some falling feelings paired with an upset stomach.  I awoke feeling  like shit.

I felt so awful that I didn’t get to see D go to his first day of preschool.  He is so easy-going that he went without a peep! Chris tried to take pictures in the classroom but instead hit my Iphone video instead and didn’t know it so there is a video of mass movement with voice but nothing of D. Chris, however, did get a good one of D walking from the car to the school with his backpack on.

During this time, I felt cold, felt nauseous and extremely tired so I was balled up on the couch sleeping.   I slept until almost 11:00am.  I then had a bit to eat – so far so good.  I want to go with Chris to pick up D so I do.  This wipes me out and when we get back to the house I sleep until 4:30.  I get up feeling okay, so I help W with his homework and get leftovers out of fridge for dinner.

I am now done once again and already in bed.  Accepting that today is not ideal is no problem and that tomorrow will be better is easy but I also must remember  that what I am experiencing could be a sudden ETV closure, but not to panic or over analysis any symptom because what I am feeling could just a viral infection due to all the kidlets being back to big petri dish (viral breeding ground) called school.   Anyways today definitely falls into the two steps forward and one step back type of day.  Grateful that this journey is teaching me so much about myself.  All is good and educational:)


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