Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope


During this journey, I have found one person online with SHYMA like me. She was diagnosed just before me but still has yet to have surgery. She lives in the US and her insurance has denied her treatment. I can not imagine why she was denied. This is a life threatening condition. I hope that her appeal goes well and her suffering ends shortly.
I am very grateful and very fortunate for having my treatment done quickly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I see leaps and bounds every day, as well as, hitting the wall and learning about the body & brain disconnect on my limits.

~My Life with Hydrocephalus~

Last Wednesday I woke up with a horrible ache in my heart, not unlike a broken heart. I was unsure why because nothing had happened the night before, I did not have any bad dreams that occasionally leave me torn for the rest of the following day. Where was this pain in my heart coming from and why? As I began to wake up and be a bit more coherent, I realized my heart was heavy as if a weight had been tide to it and I felt like weeping. Questions started to form in my mind. Suddenly I realized that God had put these things on my heart and questions in my mind. It became very apparent to me that I was going to be changed that day.

Here is a post I put up that morning;

Today my heart is heavy and I feel like weeping. Probably will…

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  1. Hope your friend in the US has gotten treatment. People simply don’t realize that the insurance industry is about making money, not about optimal healthcare. Things need to change drastically, especially with brain injury. People with brain dysfunction need treatment and care. With prompt treatment quality of life improves and it would be cost effective. Everyone wants to feel better! Let me know how she is doing?

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