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Driving everyone…

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Nope I am not driving everyone mad…or at least no one has said anything to date…or I just haven’t noticed, but instead I drove the car again.  Yay! Independence.  My dad leaves on Tuesday and I need to get everyone around town to school and activities so I am taking the plunge before my post surgery follow-up on October 19th.  It hurt my head the first time I drove to Redcliff, on Wednesday.  There is so much stimulation to take in and focus needed to not get distracted.  Today I drove to Costco and that was better because my head didn’t hurt as much.  I think I will be doing short drives for a bit. I know the brain is working hard when it hurts.

Beware warrior woman is on the loose and there is no stopping her.


One thought on “Driving everyone…

  1. I love to hear stories of regaining independence. Way to kick some ass.

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