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On My Own

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Yesterday my dad left to go back to Vancouver.  It was my first day on my own doing what I needed to get done.  I had to get the kids to their school and preschool and pick them up too.  I had to go to my OT appointment at the hospital.  I needed gas for the car.  Had to return a library book.  Return a matt and get bread.  Oh yeah and TKD too!  Doesn’t sound like much to a “normal” person does it. I know I used to do waaaaaaay more and then some with my energy.  Yesterday, my head hurt more as the day went along and I felt that I was slowing down.  It got hard to concntrate to people.

Well today I am paying for it and then some.  I had trouble focussing my vision.  I successfully dropped W off at school only to realize that when I looked at the announcement board that I had forgotten about hot lunch sheets and he would be so mad if I forgot about pizza lunch.  I was so lucky to have $5.00 in change in the car – melt down diverted – Phew!  I was a little unstead walking the stairs but hey that is what railings are for!  I made an executive decsion to just go home and sleep.  I slept for an hour as D watched a movie – yup relying on the big box as a babysitter – please don’t judge!  He  kept coming in and asking about what was in his wallet – nap cancelled! I am having a day where I need to rest and recover.  It is all apart of the process.

Yesterday I got an appointment notification for the rehabilitation brain injury clinic for Foothills Hospital in the mail for October 31.  I had to change the date because the kids have been such troopers that it would be such a rip off not to go trick or treating.   After getting this appointment notification, I did search for mild brain injuries.  I found this great story I Wamt My Brain Back.  It is a great read.  The person has had to face many more challenges than what I have had to so far, but I can relate to some of her stuggles.  Okay – I need to get off the computer as I am done – Cheers.


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