Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope

Hydrocephalus in Dogs

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I was doing a bit of online research.  I am so glad I am a great researcher – I have always been. If I see something I like, I usually take a picture of it or put a note in my phone.  If I am surfing the internet I usually put a link in my favourites.  When I go through my notes, camera folder or my favourites directory I am often surprised with what I find.  I may not remember why or when I put it a link in but consider it like Christmas and opening a gift a wonderful surprise.

Back to doing a bit of online research.  I am always on the hunt to try to connect with other people with similar stories and I came across a couple of great articles about dogs getting hydrocephalus – who knew!  Kinda neat but kinda sad too because how many pet owners would be able to pay for a shunt.  Yup dogs can get shunts just like people.  Could you imagine a dog and it’s owner that both had hydrocephalus and shunts – kinda funny especially if they both are affected the same when weather changes.

Spring Hill Animal clinic wrote a great blog post a couple of days ago.




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