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Understanding my unique gyroscope

Jigasaw Puzzle 101

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Yes it has almost been a year since I took fingers to a keyboard and wrote in this blog.  I wanted to write but I also wanted to take the time to allow myself to recover.  Well of course TBI recovery does not come over night or in the first year or so.  You and your family can read the words but to fully understand what recovery means is to actually be apart of the snails pace, accept feelings of anger and frustration, accept the long declines and plateaus and celebrate the upswings!

Here is a letter I wrote to someone who is doing a photo project on brain injury and recovery:

“Hi Audrey:
my name is Kelly boreson.  I was diagnosed with congentital hydrocephalus after a long period of trying to figure out what was wrong with me at the age of 40.  I had ETV surgery September 2012 and went into inpatient rehabilitation at Foothills hospital in Calgary for 7 weeks at November 2012-January 2013.  I am recovery from a TBI which include right-sided weakness, executive function, head pressure and pain,fatigue and aphasia-like symptoms with stuttering quirks added to my life. I did experience a bit of right-side neglect as well.
In my former life I was a full-time wife and mother,  part-time environmental specialist, part-time college instructor and part-time stock photographer.
In my new life I have learned to be grateful of everything. Hope and Preserverance are number one for both me and my family for my recovery. I a new view for the struggles of people with dis-ease and dis-ablity. It is about adabtabilty and coming up with new solutions to do things. Rehabilitation is everyday.  I have to practice my words, think of categories of objects, think if what I am going to say ahead of time for conversations.  I am quicker at writing as my fingers and brain use different paths but computer time is limited due to my visual overstimulation. I have to exercise at a new level  – slowly at 120hb/minute. I have to practice balance, I am doing art for therapy, I am in counselling for anxiety and learning about the new me. I go to Occupational therapy to help with planning and working out steps for things.  I look normal and I am normal just a new normal with a lot of quirks! My old life seeps in and I feel that I want to take on lots and then I crash big time.  It has only almost 2 years and I still feel like a toddler in this new way of doing things.  I am not the only survivor in my family; My entire family are survivors and each day we are taking steps to survive. My life is a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle that is a little overwhelming but slowly I am putting the pieces together.
This photo was the last studio photoshoot I did November 2012.  I have revamped my studio to an art room. I remember doing this shoot and another shoot where the studio lights were so overwhelming that they made me mad and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get the right side of photo in picture.  So the photo is almost 2 years old.”

 I admit that with my lack memory unless I am cued, I did forget about this blog at times but then I would have fleeting moments where I wanted to write but I knew I couldn’t. I hope to write in short spurts more often.  Out for now as I am creating a larger headache & vision going – gotta listen to the signs!


One thought on “Jigasaw Puzzle 101

  1. Hi Kelly I know all about Hydrocephalus since my birth in 1962. My current shunt will be 29 yrs on the same day I reach 53 in March. Love to share a lot of info 52 11/12ths experience. When you reach middle age fractions become your friends. LOL I will be awaiting to hear from you Kelly

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