Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope

In a What?

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Found unpublished from December 2012
So basically I go back and forth believing I have right-sided inattention. I guess this is common for most people with inattention, they don’t realize that they have it and think that the Docs and therapists are the crazy people. So basically there is theoretically nothing wrong with my right eye, arm or leg. The brain has become a little haywire and doesn’t always acknowledge that right leg or arm exist. I do not have it severe but I will drop things from my right hand. On my first morning back home for Christmas days off from rehab, I got up to walk to find that my right leg was like a stump. It was not walking normal. I had worked for over one week to get walking back with proper heel toe, heel toe motion and without thinking about it. I forced to walk normally and in return my leg paid me back by giving me a burning sensation. when I first started working my right leg, the calf muscle was in a tight ball for almost a week and my leg had a burning/tingling/crawling/shooting sensations. .


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