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Lumosity: Bootcamp For Your Brain

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I am also a luminosity person. When I first started in Rehab at hospital, I was in the 6th percentile and when I ended my subscription, a year later I was in the 54 percentile. I wish I had continued with using luminosity rather going to the Brain Injury Re-learning clinic. I restarted about a month or so ago and I am now in the 33 percentile. I went down. I hope that I can continue to improve! I know that these sites get a bad rap for being more game like, However, these type of game do help with helping you recover from a brain injury. When I was in hospital, is where I found out how much Ipad and their apps are used to help make recovery fun. Wii games were also used a lot too. It is bad enough that you are going through a recovery process, why do people question if a recovery technique is fun. There is no rule that recovery has to be all serious and boring. Fun games like “Where’s my Water” help you visually solve problems and are fun at same time.



For those of your who have never heard of Lumosity, Lumosity is essentially a brain training program to help keep your brain challenged. It focuses on 5 brain areas including: speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. I had seen commercials for Lumosity for several months (before my injury) and finally decided to try it in March 2013.

At the time (and sometimes to this day) I have extreme short-term memory loss. As said before, I had also worked with my speech therapist at Northeast Rehab (January to March 2013) on how to do simple math problems, memory games, sequencing problems, etc. So I figured why not give it a try?

training history

As you can see I wasn’t very good at Lumosity when I first started. But clearly something happened between March and May 2013.

Many people think Lumosity won’t make any difference but I can assure you it does

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