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“I’ll Do It My Way”: How I try to simplify and manage my life!

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Creating a routine, reducing energy and stress energy sound like a good thing to me.

Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury

How I try to simplify and manage my life

After holidaying with me in South Africa for a month, my son made some notes and suggested it would be of great interest to  neurologists …and no-one would ever believe a day in my life. So here are some of his (and my) brief notes (points) on change in basic living habits.

“He needs a daily routine. What he does to complete each set task/activity and the reason he does it this way.


* Have no distractions

* Give me no choices (the KISS principle = “keep it simple, s”)

* be single-minded and totally focussed on the immediate task at hand (with no distractions/and/or interruptions)

* no multi-tasking for me, like walking and talking!

* am not at all observant, so absorbed on a task I take very little notice of my surroundings  (not walking too straight)#


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