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Understanding my unique gyroscope


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I supposedly had a massive migraine with aura that sent me to hospital to have IV to make me feel better. That happened Tuesday night, It was not like any other migraines that I have had in the past. I usually get aura such as visual zig zags, dots or lightning. I also get wavy vision. I also get a bit numb too. However, what happened on Tuesday reminds me of December 2011 when I dropped to the ground with a sharp pain. I had the same sharp pain at the top of my right side of head and then my neck hurt really bad. I laid down in bed and my vision went really funny. I closed my eyes and held my head hard to counteract the pain.

After an hour of breathing and working through the pain I got up to go to the bathroom and my right side was non existent. I walked and went into the wall. I couldn’t keep my balance, stand. My right side felt weak and very tingly.

It is now friday evening and I am still feeling like crud. My head is still kind of not well; my stomach is off and I am feeling frustrated.

It is Friday night and I am in a hotel room with the three boys (2 kidlets & hubby) who are loud, hitting each other, wrestling with the TV on. I spent 30 minutes trying to get a post for shout out saturday done and then had to spend another 30 minutes figuring out why apps were not downloading in our family account. As the noise level and interruptions kept increasing my level of irritation and ready to snap rose significantly. The words “oh for fuck sake…can’t you all just shut the fuck up” almost slipped out. But what ever little filter held and I survived.

Then I read some dumb ass article about how people who post motivational quotes are intellectually inferior. Wow…scientific research at its best. What about faking it until you make it…there is some sort of counselling jargon about changing from negative to positive mindset. Sometimes it takes many motivational words until things become seen in a different light.

I think bed and a knowout pill are calling my name. Hopefully tomorrow, I am filled with energy and smiles as right now I am thinking an ice pick lobotomy may just be the answer!


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