Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope

Out of the Fog

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Yesterday morning I woke up & felted normal so I lived my life as I was normal only to pay for it today.

I know….I know everyone says to take it slow when you feel well but I have no idea how one could hold back all that energy that is not shrouded in pain. I felt light, had energy, ate and was not in pain.

So what did I do yesterday to call for a molasses recovery day. Did I climb mountains, run a race, work on the computer for a long period of time, drive long distances or do some crazy wild exciting stuff? Nope nothing really exciting at all. Just your usual household type stuff. I loaded some stuff into van and dropped off at donation bins. Hit the post office and then I cruised Value Village for a few great xmas finds. I strung one strange of Christmas lights on our front balcony. A friend dropped by for 15 minutes. I had to run to staples to get some photos laser copied for an art project and then I booted to Canadian Tire to grab a frying pan. Back in the car by 3:00 pm to get kids from school. Home to make dinner. After dinner, I then started on image transferring about eight canvasses. Somewhere in the mix a load of laundry was done and folded by Chris. Kids were also bathed thanks to Chris as I was in the basement doing art.

I forgot to take my meds until the kids were tucked in. I needed a good nights rest so I took my sleeping pill, antihistemine for very raw itchy skin and nabilone and fell asleep very quickly.

So after one great energy day or a regular day in the life of a normal person, I was in slow molasses recovery mode. I felt so off this morning that I dropped the kids off went home and crashed until 11:30 am when I was so rudely awakened by Scruffy barking. I made it downstairs and actually turned on the TV and tuned into HGTV. I haven’t watched daytime TV in a while. After drinking water and having a bite to eat, I actually went into pool and swam.

I almost exercised for 15 minute and I was pooped, Had a shower and picked up kids. So many kind remarks about how well I looked. If only knew that I had slept most the day to be able to look that good! But it was nice to hear that people are seeing that my hair is looking way better!


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