Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope

Sometimes you just have to let go

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The letting go and re-birth I think happens many times over at least for me. I think it is my awareness that flitters in and out, as well as my memory that makes it occure.

Bitter Gurl's Wurld

I’ve spent the last two years learning to be a new me. She’s not necessarily the me I want to be, but it has to be done. Brain injury causes a sort of rebirth. And with any rebirth come many changes. This is particularly true in relationships.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the people in my life, and those who are no longer in my life either due to natural loss or through cutting ties. It is, after all, the time of year when you think of your loved ones.

I’ve never been a confrontational person – always friend to everyone – always wanting to please and gain approval. My grandfather used to say I had a “cuore fessa”, which is a very crude way of saying I am a softie.

But on January 22nd, 2014, something snapped. I kept trying to maintain relationships with people, but I found…

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