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Just call me the Pee Lady

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efe1eb65c8742b301ae79caf263ab0cfThis has been a crazy month…I think most of February was shrouded in viral illnesses by everyone in the household.

Almost everyone is on the mend…let’s hope Wy’s cough doesn’t go any further.

On Feburary 29, I took the 6:30am shuttle to Foothills…got there for 11:30am…appt. noon and shuttle home for 1:15. I was hoping I would have caught my son’s hockey game, but I missed it. At that time I had my Botox shots and we discussed phasing me out of getting Botox at the clinic as they are mandated now to pass off services to local providers because clinic is in high demand. I received a list of two people in Medicine Hat. I phoned the brain injury clinic and told them which Dr. I would like to see.

I will still see my Dr. for brain stuff. Since June last year I have been peeing way more than normal; getting a crazy rash that goes away with prescription paste but only to come back again once I stop using the slimy gunk; I have become really weak and even walking up stairs again makes me get short of breath again. I am always thirsty, but if I drink enough to quench thirst, I am peeing every 15 minutes. So I tend to eat sugar-free mints to help with dry mouth and thirst and deal with dry cracked lips. My hair was still falling out then and had stopped growing and I have been a wreck with cold sensitivities. I am so grateful that we have had a super warm winter so far! My weight has fluctuated from gaining to losing with no diet changes. However I have no appetite and thinking of eating food doesn’t make me feel good. So I have been sharing smoothies with my son in morning and trying to remember to drink vegetable juice.

I have been to my GP about these issues and we had blood tests done. GP was going down the list…blood sugars..excellent, kidneys excellent, no infection…no diabetes then he says liver is okay…mmm not good. Then he left it like that. He gave me a hormone to try…didn’t really do anything. I then got sick and couldn’t follow up so I mentioned what has been going on  to my Brain  Dr.

So we have a plan. More blood tests…check done yesterday. Today I get to to stay at home and drink to hydrate. Then when I have to go pee, I run upstairs and pee in a container; wash hands; Then I go to the little fridge in garage and grab this large orange container and go upstairs and transfer the pee from little container to large container; wash hands again; then bring container to garage; put in fridge and wash hands again. OMG I am not leaving the house with my big jug of pee today. I couldn’t imagine doing this in a public restroom…gives me the wheebie jeebies just thinking about it. Yes I could use the downstairs bathroom…but I don’t. I like my (okay hubby uses it too) bathroom only and that is upstairs. Yes I may be a bit crazy; somewhat of a germaphobe but I am what I am!

The benefits of my little set up is that I get my stair workout done, I will have an arm work out too! I can see this jug getting quite full. The downfall of this 24 hour urine analysis is that last night I had to show and explain the jug to the boys. That yes it is Gatorade orange bottle in the fridge but it will not have Gatorade in it and that they should not put anything in it or drink from it that it will have pee in the container. Their expressions of horror brought joy to my face….ha…ha…ha… evil laugh. I gotta get my kicks from somewhere!

I have really no idea why I am doing this test. I don’t remember the Dr. explaining why. I curse myself for looking up on Google last night too. Why…all the stuff sounded pretty serious. Better to rule out the simple and the weird scary stuff first and pick away at what is left to look at…I guess:)

The next step after is to wait for referral to an Endocrinologist and results of the tests. There could be something quirky with my pituitary or hypothalamus. I guess after a TBI/ABI or non-traumatic brain injury (just found that new terminology and suits my situation better) it is common to have Endocrine issues.  My great TBI/ABI/n0n-traumatic brain injured community on Twitter have been a great support and wealth of information as many have gone through this before. And once it is solved lots have had big changes with medication, vitamins & supplements.

So for today you can just call me the Pee Lady because I will gladly hold that title with my big orange jug in hand. download




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