Howdy Hydrocephalus

Understanding my unique gyroscope


Enjoying the journey with laughter and positive vibes.  Why let fear and negativity ruin your life.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad I found your web site. Ironically I was disgusted by your picture & was trying to email you & tell you how hydrocephalus Isn’t funny. After reading your page I felt warmth, compassion & familiarity. So thank you as I have had a stereo-tactic brain biopsy in 95, Traumatic brain Injury Christmas eve 2006 & finally a 3rd ventriculostomy 1/8/13 & ETV…

    • Why were you disgusted by my picture of my head. It is my hydro? I am glad you read on and were able to come to some understanding of my journey. Sounds like you have had a journey too!

      • Answer: I’m trying to write a book & in the middle of researching found your “Zombie-Picture”. I then saw Howdy Hydrocephalus…So immediatley I found it in bad taste.
        Although I looked further & understood it wasnt.

        I think you may understand that my or “our” brians have undergone a tad bit more than most peoples shall & should. With that being said I immediatley became egocentric & not open minded.

        I judged at 1st glance then recanted after informing myself via your blog. Which I am grateful for.

        I totally appreciate your wording in that your whole family are survivors. I dont have a wife & only see my beautiful boy once per year but truly understand that my family are also survivors. im tired so off for a nap. (LOL)

        But lastly “Thank you for your courage to blog about this subject”….. We make look fine. But lie in a society where looks are everything theirfore people dont see what lies below the surface. So Thank You & please don’t stop…..

      • Thank you!!!!! for supporting me to! We all can support each other. Most days I feel like messed up noodles in a bowl – so confused. I just smile and nod. I get some things quick, others I mis-interpret and some I don’t get at all:)

  2. Your welcome.
    Yes we can all support each other & i feel “we” should. As a world, nation, state, town, friend, family etc…. There is always someone out their better or worse off than we are or I am. Support comes in many venues & modalities.

    I believe in moving forward & trying hard to be positive. Although it irritates me when people say to me “That was yesterday; move forward”. Some people say Im crying poor me when I tell them that 2007 was a year for me to re-learn how to walk upright, speak without sluring, cook at the right time & then eat when it was ready, realise that I wasnt the same person I was before, understand that today wasnt the same day as before or 2 years prior. Remember that I was 37 after April.

    Althought that was kind of cool as every brithday from 2007 till 2010 I thought I was turning 36. That was 1 of the slight benefits from my Traumatic Brain Injury.

    It’s hard to get people to understand that their brain controls everything. From every breath they take to every step we take.

    Empathy isnt easy for a lot of people. Yet I think this is based on ignorance. Meaning the lack of knowledge that people have.

    After all I myself never understood how hard it was going to be to re learn how to walk or talk again. This was somthing I had always taken for granted.

    Some things I dont get as well & sometimes it takes me a year from the day it was said to me to begin understanding what was meant. I am luckt to hae great long term memmory now but sometimes its not so great. But I have to take the good along with the bad.

    After reading your blog I can see that you’ve gone through many things I have. The difference is I have gone through it 3 times in 18 years. But each time the recovery has seemed to be very similar. In 2 days it will be 15 months since my 3rd ventriculostomy & etv drain. Yet the concept of time is amuck as it has been the other 2 neuro incidents.

    I am happy to be here & eager to live “LIFE” again…. Although I have to take it 1 day at a time…..

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